Biosecurity cabinet for Cytotoxins

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Biosecurity cabinets provide complete protection for the product, process, operator, and the environment. Application: Processing of cytotoxic/antineoplastic drugs.

Technical information

  • Biosafety cabinet for CYTOTOXICS.
  • Application: Processing of cytotoxic / antineoplastic drugs.
  • 70 % recirculation 30 % renewal.
  • Vertical laminar flow.
  • 10° inclination for ergonomics.
  • Operating opening 20 cm.
  • Total maintenance opening 44.1 cm.
  • Internal material: Side and rear walls in 304 stainless steel of high resistance to acids and corrosive materials with removable tray (countertop) for easy cleaning in case of spills.
  • External material: White cold rolled steel structure with epoxy polyester coating (antimicrobial).
  • Filtration: 2 HEPA 99.995% 0.3 μm H14 filters and 1 ULPA 99.999% 0.1 A 0.3 μm filter.
  • HEPA filter protection grid
  • Internal variable speed, low noise motorized fan which provides vertical laminar flow providing a constant airflow.
  • State-of-the-art microprocessor control
  • 5″ FULL COLOR TOUCH screen which displays all equipment parameters.
  • Digital control panel where all equipment activities are programmed and recorded in real time.
  • Digital hot wire air velocity meter indicating the flow velocities on the screen.
  • Digital pressure differential sensor.
  • Ultra quiet <61 DB.
  • Germicidal unit Ultraviolet light – with timer, timer and Operator protection (UV 254 nm).
  • Front protection 6 mm vertical displacement safety glass with UV protection (Optional electric glass).
  • Connection 110 V / 60 Hz (OP 220 V60 Hz).
  • Factory certificate of conformity under international standard.
  • All equipment is delivered with manual in Spanish language.

*The specifications described above are general and may vary without prior notice due to updating. Always check the specific technical data sheet of the equipment in the quotation (Do not use these specifications for bidding processes as they may vary).

Optional accessories

  • Power tapping kits
  • Inlet service valves (water, air, gas, gas, vacuum)
  • Laboratory chair
  • 304L or 316L stainless steel cabinet construction
  • Simple support table
  • Support table with casters
  • Support table with adjustable height level
  • Support table with casters and adjustable height level
  • Cabinet type storage table with doors
  • Laboratory chair