Fume hood for strong acids and alkalis

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Fume hoods are designed to capture, contain, and exhaust emissions generated by toxic substances in the laboratory. They are manufactured to provide protection and safety for both the product and the individuals working in the laboratory. These equipment comply with OSHA, ASHRAE 110, SEFA, AMCA, AFNOR NFX15-211, and ANSI/AIHA Z9.7-1998 standards. If you require fume hoods that do not need ducting to the outside of the laboratory, please specify this in your request so that a special filter can be included.

Technical Information

  • Microprocessor control panel. LCD display to manage all parameters.
  • 4-digit security password.
  • Automatic cabin with special security to the user maintaining the extraction air according to international standards initially described.
  • Cabin with germicidal unit (UV ultra violet light) which allows the disinfection of all surfaces (optional).
  • Ergonomic cabin with 8° inclination which allows a perfect visualization inside the equipment and comfort for long working days.
  • Cabin with ducts or with activated carbon filters (Optional).
  • Internal centrifugal motor in the cabin. Adjustable air speed (Optional). Adjustable speed, located inside the cabin.
  • Energy saving cabin allowing to automatically vary the speed of the motor and air when there are waiting times between processes.
  • Removable working surface to facilitate the displacement and change of it.
  • Special bases according to its application: Melamine surface – Ceramic surface – ABS surface – Phenolic resin sheet surface.
  • Interior material – Special work area with acid coating (Optional) – Exterior with antistatic electrostatic paint.
  • Exterior with electrostatic antimicrobial painting
  • Flow velocity meter (Optional)
  • Air flow velocity (inlet through window according to international standards) 0.50 m/s or 100 fpm.
  • Front protection Safety glass (Optional motorized electric)
  • Tempered glass 5mm guillotine type. Manual or electric sliding for easy displacement by the operator, it closes completely when the equipment is not in operation.
  • This electric glass allows it to be easily adjusted by the operator.
  • Centrifugal fan with anti-vibration system – Quiet <60 Db subject to ambient acoustic conditions.
  • White fluorescent light illumination according to international standard.
  • Uniform air distribution throughout the work area, flow verification at all points of the glass.
  • Internal socket for equipment connection
  • Spare parts certification available for 7 years
  • All cabins are factory certified
  • All equipment is delivered with the respective induction.
  • All equipment is delivered with manual in English or Spanish language.

Models and references



External measurements


JPCEGH90 Fume and fume hood

900 x 793×1500

110V / 220V
JPCEGH120 Gas and fume extractor hood

1200 x 793×1500

110V / 220V
JPCEGH150 Gas and fume extractor hood

1500 x 793×1500

110V / 220V
JPCEGH180 Gas and fume extractor hood

1800 x 793×1500

110V / 220V
JPCEGH240 Gas and fume extractor hood

2400 x 793×1500

110V / 220V

Optional accessories

  • Special bases: Melamine surface -Greenware surface -Ceramic surface -ABS surface
  • Power socket kits
  • Service keys for inlet (water, air, gas, gas, vacuum, etc.)
  • Electric glass
  • Remote control
  • Laboratory chair
  • 304L or 316L stainless steel cabinet construction
  • Single support table
  • Support table with casters
  • Support table with adjustable height level
  • Support table with casters and adjustable height level
  • Cabinet type storage table with doors
  • Activated carbon filter (acid absorbing)