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Dietary fiber plays a significant role in human nutrition. The content of dietary fiber is typically determined through the classical analyses of total dietary fiber, including AOAC 985.29 (commonly known as the Prosky method) and AOAC 991.43. These methods are applicable for determining the total dietary fiber content in cereals, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. AOAC 991.43 corresponds to the “Official Research Process L00.00-18 for the determination of total dietary fiber content” in Germany, in accordance with § 64 LFGB.

Both methods involve subjecting the sample to a series of enzymatic digestions, simulating the actual digestion process that occurs in the digestive tracts of animals and humans. They calculate the undigested residues remaining at the end of the analysis.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Perfect mechanical interaction of the individual components.
  • Precise analysis is guaranteed with the behr filter apparatus
  • Practical loading and unloading of max. 6 behrotest® filter crucibles
  • Space-saving
  • Perfect dimensions for every conventional laboratory bench
  • Easy sample removal
  • Easy adjustment of pump performance by means of a dial
  • Short filtration times
  • behrotest® pump for easy filtration and rinsing work
  • External control device
  • Protect the most important individual components with the behrotest® external monitoring device.
Análisis de alimentos y piensos - Unidad de filtrado (Determinación de fibra dietética) - EN 6 [B00720183]
EN 6
Item number B00720183
Quantity per package 1
Width (in cm) 80.00
Depth (in cm) 41.50
Height (in cm) 38.00
Weight (kg) 23.00
Controller Nein
Temperature setting range
Stirring speed (in rpm)
Temperature stability


Behrotest® SWB 26 Agitating Water Baths

The Behrotest® SWB 26 agitating water bath is used for the precise simulation of enzymatic digestions according to established methods. It facilitates multiple digestions of sample copies/duplicates at predefined temperatures using different enzymes (e.g., alpha-amylase for gelatinization, protease for protein removal, and amylglucosidase for starch elimination). Continuous and uniform sample mixing ensures that the sample does not overheat.

Behrotest® EN 6 Filtration Unit

The Behrotest® EN 6 filtration unit handles the final filtration and clarification stages required for enzymatic methods to determine dietary fiber.

When combined with the Behrotest® SWB 26 agitating water bath, the Behrotest® EN 6 significantly reduces the time required compared to manual processes.

The glass funnel facilitates the introduction of digested samples and solvents into the apparatus. A vacuum function speeds up the filtration and clarification phases.