DOM-24 Frying Oil Monitor

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Quantitative and Reliable Control of Deteriorated Oil.
IoT PAL backup equipped with NFC data transmission function.

Hassle-free and easy to use

Uncomplicated and easy to use

Titling requires problematic equipment and time-consuming preparation. Using third-party labs is quite expensive.
The DOM-24 can easily measure the degradation of the huile without any complicated configuration. The DOM-24 can easily measure oil degradation without complicated operation. Absolutely no other equipment or preparation is needed.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Some methods using test strips or reagent kits result in subjective readings. Additionally, it requires technical knowledge and experience.
The DOM-24 provides objective and quantitative values to determine oil degradation.
Anyone can obtain accurate and reliable measurements without skill or experience.

No more wasted supplies or garbage disposal

No more loss of supplies or waste disposal

Unlike titration, and test strips, which must be discarded each time measurements are taken, the DOM-24 does not generate waste or trash, meaning you don’t have to worry about its disposal. This means you don’t have to deal with spending money to replace expired supplies.

Safe, reliable, and hygienic

Many people are uncomfortable with the use of potentially dangerous chemicals or reagents when testing oil quality, especially in facilities where food is produced and handled.
Measurements with the DOM-24 are safe and hygienic. After measurements have been taken, the DOM-24 can be completely washed under running water, allowingPerform thorough hygienic maintenance.
With a safe distance from the oil to the hand, safety is considered to prevent burns.

Stable measurement value even at high temperature

The test paper and titration method measure after cooling the oil, but the DOM has a temperature compensation function, so it supports a wide temperature range from 0°C to 225°C.
You can measure with confidence even at high temperatures and do not need to wait for cooling time. Comparison of measurement values at high temperatures Stable measurement value even at high temperature

NFC (Data Transmission System via NFC)


Measurement history (up to 100 records) can be read contactless via a read-write card to a smartphone or personal computer.
*N-Mark is a registered trademark of NFC Forum, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

IH heater compatible (patented)

IH compatible heater (patented)

The DOM-24 is the only oil tester that can be used with IH heaters when placing the sensor cover.

Check oil degradation with numbers!
A new gauge to check oil quality so you can regularly monitor your oil is now available.
It is easy to operate, and anyone can use it to make measurements.

This product is an indicator that shows the general quality of the frying oil, and allows you to measure both CPT (total polar compounds) and the acidity index (AI) which is used to determine the deterioration of the food quality of the oil.< /div>

Model DOM-24
Cat.No.< /th>

Range Total Polar Compounds (TPC) : 0.5 to 40.0%
Acidity Index (AI): 0.00 to 9.99
Temperature: 0 to 225℃ / 32 to 437°F
Resolution Total Polar Compounds (TPC) : 0.5%
Acidity Index (AI) : 0.01
Temperature: 1℃/1°F
Accuracy Total Polar Compounds (TPC) : ±2.0%(20 to 200℃ / 68 to 392°F)
Acidity Index (AI) : ±0.2
Temperature: ±1℃/±2°F
Temperature Compensation

0 to 225℃ / 32 to 437°F (
Guaranteed precision from 70 to 190℃)
Power Supply

2 x AAA batteries< /td>
International protection class< /th>

Dimensions and Weight 22(Φ)×490 (W)mm, 400g (main unit only)

Once the oil breaks down, it must be replaced with new, fresh oil. Continued use of old or degraded oil can have several negative consequences.
Not only does it affect the quality and taste of the food, but it can also seriously affect the health of your customers.
By quality control and evaluation of the state of the degraded oil, using objective and quantitative values, the appropriate time to change the oil can be determined.
It can also be very helpful in reducing costs and improving the quality and taste of your food products. Efficient management allows you to maximize oil life.

When oil breaks down, harmful peroxides are produced from the unsaturated fatty acids in the oil.
Furthermore, oxidation causes the oil to become increasingly degraded.
An effective control allows you to optimize the duration of your life.
Using this low-quality, severely degraded oil for cooking or frying can lead to serious health problems, such as heartburn or nausea.
ATAGO recommends using the DOM-24 to periodically check and monitor the quality of your oil in order to maximize its useful life.


Quantitative and Reliable Control of Deteriorated Oil.
IoT PAL backup equipped with NFC data transmission function.