Qualitative Filter Paper – CL-501

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It is the most commonly used line for routine applications with medium to fast filtration speed. It is used in general laboratory filtrations, for fine to medium precipitates, such as paraffin content in bitumens.

Filtration Speed: Medium-fast (22s).

Average Ash Content: < 0.1% with a minimum of 95% alpha cellulose.

Basis Weight: 70 g/m2.

Thickness: 0.16 mm.

Retention Capacity: 4-12µ.

Surface: Smooth.


Microclar filter papers are tailored to meet the filtration needs of analytical methods for conducting physicochemical and gravimetric analyses. They are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment, ensuring uniformity and a high level of purity. This line has been developed for use in analytical methods. They allow for the determination and identification of suspended particles in a liquid, regardless of the quantity present.

Their qualities ensure proper particle retention, filtration speed, loading capacity, and wet strength.