Quantitative Filter Paper – CN-542

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Specifically designed for gravimetric determinations of fine precipitates such as barium and lead sulfates, copper oxide, zinc or nickel sulfide, calcium oxalate, and calcium fluoride. It is ideal for quantitative determinations of alkali metals in glazes and varnishes, spot tests (reactive strips), and fine sulfate crystals.

Filtration Rate: Slow (140s).

Basis Weight: 85 g/m2.

Thickness: 0.17 mm.

Retention Capacity: between 2-4µ.

Ash Residue: 0.01%.

Stripe: Blue.


Microclar filter papers are designed to meet the filtration needs of analytical methods, particularly for physico-chemical and gravimetric analyses. They are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment to ensure uniformity and a high level of purity. This line has been developed for use in techniques that allow quantifying suspended particles in a liquid. These papers are ashless and exhibit very high mechanical strength when wet. They are manufactured using reverse osmosis water and treated with diluted acids to remove any organic and inorganic impurities.

They are packaged in boxes of 100 units.