Laboratory benchtop horizontal autoclave

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The automatic horizontal autoclaves from jpinglobal are designed to sterilize liquids, culture media, contaminated media, plastics, solids, glassware, biological waste, among others. The autoclave is controlled by a microprocessor and has an advanced digital display that shows the sterilization process graph, indicating the programmed temperature, actual temperature, programmed cycle time, venting level, and safety indications.The capacity of the horizontal autoclaves ranges from 23 to 160 liters, and all equipment is delivered with factory certifications.

Technical information

  • Horizontal autoclave type.
  • Four-digit password protection allowing secure access control.
  • High precision control for perfect sterilization results.
  • Automatic sterilization system.
  • Automatic drying system.
  • Digital instrument panel – digital control panel.
  • Visual temperature indicator.
  • Visual pressure indicator, certified pressure gauge.
  • Working temperature 105°C to 137°C.
  • Supply voltage 220 VAC/60Hz.
  • Sterilization programs by means of electronic control LCD screen.
  • Pre-cycle programs, liquids, soft instruments, textile – instruments and an advanced free program which allows the operator to vary all the parameters of the equipment.
  • Sterilization data recording by means of electronic control.
  • Independent monitoring of temperature and pressure.
  • Chamber in stainless steel 304 L certified for long life and high resistance to corrosion. The equipment is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • The liquid cycles are made by means of electronic ramp for perfect cycles.
  • 6 adjustable vent levels for liquids.
  • Process safety by means of level control. According to capacity.
  • Temperature uniformity in the chamber for sterilization of all contents.
  • At the end of the cycle, water is evacuated from the chamber to avoid contamination.
  • Over pressure safety system.
  • Over temperature safety system.
  • Automatic shutdown after the end of the sterilization cycle.
  • Safety system in the heating elements.
  • Thermostat for protection against overheating.
  • Safety valves for low pressure and over temperature.
  • Electronic and mechanical monitoring.
  • Front safety cover to avoid burns.
  • If the equipment is not used for more than four hours, it will turn off automatically.
  • USB output for updating and maintenance of the equipment.
  • Spare parts certification available for 7 years.
  • All autoclaves are factory certified.
  • All equipment is delivered with the respective induction.
  • All equipment is delivered with manual in English or Spanish language.

Models and references



Internal dimensions (mm)



JPA23LH Automatic horizontal autoclave Diameter 250 x depth 400 23 liters 220V
JPA40LH Automatic horizontal autoclave Diameter 310 x depth 500 40 liters 220V
JPA55LH Automatic horizontal autoclave Diameter 310 x depth 700 55 liters 220V
JPA62LH Automatic horizontal autoclave Diameter 380 x depth 490 62 litres 220V
JPA85LH Automatic horizontal autoclave Diameter 380 x Depth 690 85 litres 220V
JPA110LH Automatic horizontal autoclave Diameter 500 x depth 500 110 liters 220V
JPA160LH Automatic horizontal autoclave Diameter 500 x depth 750 160 litres 220V

Optional accessories

  • Vacuum system to eliminate air.
  • Built-in steam generator.
  • Built-in printer.
  • Software.
  • Baskets.
  • Automatic door.
  • Special support for horizontal AUTOCLAVE (JPInglobal bioreactor).
  • Chamber built in stainless steel 316.