Filter membrane – Cellulose Acetate

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  • High flow rate material
  • Low protein adsorption
  • Thickness ranges from 105 – 140 µm
  • Good thermal stability
  • Water extractables: < 1%
  • Compatible with aqueous solutions between pH 4-8, oils, alcohols, and other organic solvents
  • Resistant to most inorganic acids and alkalis
  • Maximum working temperature: 180°C
  • Autoclavable at 121°C


Used in the clarification and sterilization of biological solutions, serums, buffers, culture media, especially recommended for filtering solutions with enzymes or proteins.


The wide variety of Microclar filter membranes allows you to find the best option for every type of laboratory filtration. They are available both individually packaged as sterile and non-sterile. Available in a very extensive range of materials and diameters.