Vertical laminar flow cabinet

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The Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet provides protection to both the product and the process, creating a sterile environment in the work area for maximum product protection. It is specifically designed for use with non-hazardous contaminants, offering easy access to the workspace and complete product protection through its respective HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Main filter, with 99.99% efficiency for 0.3-micron particles, or ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) Main filter, with 99.99% efficiency for particles ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 microns. Unlike horizontal flow cabinets, this equipment minimizes airflow turbulence. (Please take into consideration the size of the product and/or equipment that you will be using within the unit.) The filtered air passes through the chamber in a vertical laminar air pattern and is expelled from the front of the equipment where the operator is located.

Technical information

  • Microprocessor control panel. LCD display to manage all parameters.
  • 4-digit security password.
  • Working time counter.
  • Anti turbulent flow design.
  • Sterile environment in the working area for maximum product protection.
  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) main filter with 99.99% efficiency 0.3 um particles.
  • HEPA filter protection grid.
  • Pre-filter 85% efficiency which prolongs the life of the HEPA filter.
  • Ultra quiet fan < 50 DB.
  • Work area base for maximum chemical resistance, in stainless steel pool type to avoid spillage of substances.
  • To guarantee comfort and ergonomics, the new design includes a 10° inclination in all models.
  • Includes high efficiency ultraviolet light to provide the operator with excellent illumination and comfort in the process.
  • 5 mm safety glass with UV protection
  • Includes (germicidal unit) UV light (Ultra violet) which is directed directly at the product but avoids the operator’s view.
  • Pressure differential sensor.
  • Spare parts certification available for 7 years.
  • All cabinets are factory certified (particle count, air flow rate, microbiological tests, electrical safety, etc.).
  • All equipment is delivered with the respective induction.
  • All equipment is delivered with manual in English or Spanish language.

Models and references



External measurements (Width of equipment)

Air flow


JPCV36 Vertical laminar flow 90 cm 0,45 m/s 110v 60Hz /220V60Hz
JPCV48 Vertical laminar flow 120 cm 0,45 m/s 110v 60Hz /220V60Hz
JPCV72 Vertical laminar flow 150 cm 0.45 m/s 110v 60Hz /220V60Hz
JPCV180 Vertical laminar flow 180 cm 0.45 m/s 110v 60Hz /220V60Hz

Optional accessories

  • Touch screen
  • Simple support table
  • Support table with casters
  • Support table with adjustable height level
  • Support table with casters and adjustable height level
  • Cabinet type storage table with doors
  • Hot-wire digital speed meter
  • Polycarbonate front UV protection
  • Power outlet kits
  • Armrest
  • Inlet service keys (water, air, gas, gas, vacuum)
  • Laboratory chair