Contact Plates Ø 65 mm Gamma Std.

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Contact Plates

They are used for microbiological analysis and controls on surfaces, with a reticulated grid that facilitates colony counting.

Presentation: Box of 400 units

Subpackaging: 10 units

Diameter: 65mm.

Height: 16.5mm.

Reticulated: 10×10 mm. at the base

Made of: crystal polystyrene.

Sterilized by gamma radiation.

Microbiological controls of surfaces. Its special shape allows, after filling with agarized culture medium, to apply directly on the surface being controlled. The microorganisms present adhere to the surface of the agar and, after incubation, the colony count is carried out.


Contact Plates

Microclar plates are of high quality and resistant design. They are made of virgin crystal polystyrene which, due to its transparency, facilitates the observation of the colonies. They are used for routine microbiological analysis and controls in various industries.

They come in two versions, contact and Petri.