Quantitative filter paper – CN-540

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It is used for general quantitative analysis and in gravimetric determinations that require a fast filtration rate. It is also frequently used as a high-purity filter for the rapid filtration of trace elements such as silver chromate, lead sulfate, zinc and aluminum hydroxides, sulfites, and quick silicon analysis. In soil analysis, it is used to separate solid and aqueous extracts.

Filtration Speed: Medium to Fast (27s).

Basis Weight: 85 g/m2.

Thickness: 0.20 mm.

Retention Capacity: 4-12µ.

Ash Residue: 0.01%.

Band: White.


Microclar filter papers are designed to meet the specific filtration needs of analytical methods for performing physical-chemical and gravimetric analyses. They are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment to ensure uniformity and a high level of purity. This product line has been developed for use in techniques that allow the quantification of suspended particles in a liquid. These papers are ashless, exhibit very high mechanical strength when wet, and are produced using reverse osmosis water and treated with dilute acids to remove any organic and inorganic impurities.

They are supplied in boxes of 100 units.