Qualitative Filter Paper – CL-506

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It is used for retaining soil nutrients that are essential for plant growth, for the control of specific contaminants, and for soil analysis.

Filtration Speed: Medium-fast (27s).

Average Ash Content: < 0.1% with a minimum of 95% alpha cellulose.

Basis Weight: 85 g/m2.

Thickness: 0.20 mm.

Retention Capacity: 4-12µ.

Surface: Smooth.


Microclar filter papers are designed to meet the filtration needs of analytical methods for conducting physicochemical and gravimetric analyses. They are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment that ensures their uniformity and a high level of purity. This line has been developed for use in analytical methods. They enable the determination and identification of suspended particles in a liquid, regardless of the quantity present.

Their qualities ensure proper particle retention, filtration speed, loading capacity, and wet strength.